Quina & Cantuta

Cusco - Peru
Krizia Trabucco Photography


Quina & Cantuta is very excited about the launch of our online store. Quina & Cantuta is a virtual gallery that showcases a remarkable selection of luxurious, crafted, decorative and functional pieces from Peru that combine nature, style and quality.
Quina & Cantuta takes its inspiration from two Peruvian native resources. Both emphasise the unique nature of the pieces of art and design that Quina & Cantuta will bring to the UK. The Quina is a type of tree that represents Peruvian flora resources in their national shield. Its presence in Peruvian history since Pre-Columbian times and during the whole Colonial era, made it became an important natural symbol of the country. The Cantuta Flower is the Peruvian national flower. The Incas, impressed by its beauty, promoted its’ farming in all their domains and consecrated it to their god, the Sun. This is why this flower is also known as The Incas’ sacred flower.
Our aim is to bring the finest Peruvian Art & Design products to sophisticated customers, showcasing the fantastic craftsmanship, tradition and quality of Peru, which has been combined with an innovative and stylish approach.
All of our products respect the principles of Fair Trade, using local sustainable materials that respect both the environment and the craftsmen and women that produce them. We are passionate about our products and about promoting social development in Peru.
We hope you will make Quina & Cantuta a favourite destination to purchase beautiful and exclusive pieces that are full of extrinsic and intrinsic value.