Mirasol - A beautiful story

Quina & Cantuta is thrilled to support a fantastic project called Mirasol.

The Mirasol project is dedicated to improving the education and living standards of children in the Peruvian highlands.

The Mirasol project was started in 2006 by a Norwegian couple, Kari Hestnes and Per Svendsen, former owners of a wholesaler textile business in Norway and customers of Michell & Cia. S.A. (Quina&Cantuta textile’s manufacturer).

They visited the Michell farm called Mallkini back in 2005 for the first time.  Kari and Per were impressed by the charismatic simplicity of the children, especially of a girl called Marisol.  They also saw the reality of the life style of the Andean people and children.  They saw the difficulties the children had in the region to attend school.  The fact was that most children had to walk every single day, between two and three hours to reach their school and the same time to return home on either a cold, rainy or snowy day.


When Kari and Per encountered these problems they came up with the idea of building a boarding house, where children could board from Monday to Friday to be closer to their school and make other activities. They talked with the Michell family and managers and it transpired that they shared the same views.

Thus the Mirasol Boarding school was born. The school is located in the Puno, Peru. The elementary school currently boards more than 45 children of the area of Munani and Mallkini. Plans are now underway to expand the school to cater for Secondary school aged children and Mirasol and its’ supporters are working very hard to obtain the necessary resources to make this dream a reality.

Quina & Cantuta are proud to support this amazing project and a percentage of all Quina & Cantuta’s sales will be donated to Mirasol.

We also want to encourage everyone to learn more about this wonderful project and its achievements. To find out more about the Mirasol project go to http://www.mirasol.com.pe/