Brighten Up Your Winter Outfits

Even though summer is over, it doesn’t mean that we have to give up wearing bright colours and revert to wearing just gray and dark hues. Adding a splash of colour to our outfits can brighten up the bleakest day, bringing a touch of style and vibrancy to our looks.

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Our Sumaqkay handmade handbags are a great option to add not only bright colours but also inspiring textures and patterns. Colours such as oranges, beiges, browns, ecrus, yellows add warmth and energy.

 Here are some ideas to provide some inspiration to give colours to your autumn/winter wardrobe.


                                                                                                                                             Caramel Leather Deborah Handbag

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These unique handmade handbags fuse tradition and contemporary fashion in one harmonious piece. Our handbags combine ancient weaving techniques and motifs with the most advanced fashion trends.


          Caramel Leather Deborah Handbag



The skillful artisans create new patterns inspired in motifs from pre-columbine Peruvian cultures, using various   materials that give stunning texture and richness to our textiles, such as pima and tangüis cotton combined with leather, raffia, straw and satin threads.

Each handbag is carefully made using the hand-made weaves and genuine leather.


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