Baby Alpaca Scarves

Explore our indulgent accessories featuring luxurious alpaca scarves, hats and gloves woven in Arequipa, Peru.

All our scarves are made of baby alpaca fibers, which are truly some of the natures’ finest work.

Baby Alpaca is a fibre that stands apart. It is irresistibly soft, warmer than wool, luxurious and silky, and naturally hypoallergenic.

Baby alpaca is also amazingly light and durable fibre that has unique thermal properties due to the microscopic air pockets found within it. These pockets allow the user to breathe through the fibres on warm days, and likewise trap body heat in cold weather. It is also elastic and non-flammable.

Every piece has been made using exquisite designs, which are the result of an inspiring fusion of Peruvian ancient textiles and the latest trends in fashion. Learn More