Chancay Sculptured Vase - Small

  • This Chancay sculptured vase is inspired by The Chancay Culture Ceramics (1200-1450 A.D.) glazed in matt beige hues. It features a contrasting colour, ecru long neck that showcases geometric double framed square ornamentation.
    This is part of The Chancay Collection which looks fabulous on its own or as part of the set of 2 pieces.
  • Product Code QCHC0003
  • High temperature stoneware and porcelain
    100% hand-made piece of ceramic.
    Piece independently handcrafted.
    Colour and pattern may vary.
    Handmade in Peru
  • Small
    H: 39cm x W: 9cm (widest side) approx.
    Weight: 1.6kg.

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