About Quina & Cantuta

Quina & Cantuta has been created to showcase a remarkable selection of luxurious, crafted, decorative and functional pieces from Peru that combine nature, style and quality.

Quina & Cantuta takes its inspiration from two Peruvian native resources. Both emphasise the unique nature of the pieces of art and design that Quina & Cantuta will bring to the UK.

The Quina is a type of tree that represents Peruvian flora resources in their national shield. Its presence in Peruvian history since Pre-Columbian times and during the whole Colonial era, made it became an important natural symbol for the country. The Cantuta Flower is the Peruvian national flower. The Incas, impressed by its beauty, promoted its’ farming in all their domains and consecrated it to their god, the Sun. This is why this flower is also known as The Incas’ sacred flower.

Quina & Cantuta’ s collections only utilize the finest, native and original materials and the products are made using processes, which respect our environment. The large majority of our collection is hand-made using traditional centuries-old techniques, but have been designed with innovative, modern and sophisticated concepts, making each distinctive product a true piece of art.

Social Responsibility

Quina & Cantuta is proud to support fair trade and equal opportunity. We work with a select group of enterprises in Peru, supporting social projects, co-operatives, local community development,and family businesses.

We aim to promote and develop the millennial talents of Peruvian artisans, who have fantastic traditional skills passed down through generations, but often live in environments that present challenging living standards and restricted opportunities.

We are committed to ensuring that our suppliers are paid a decent wage for their work and that working conditions are safe and of a good standard. We are determined that all of our products are skillfully created in a positive and pleasant environment.Our aim is to provide sustainable economic opportunity and hope for marginalized people in some of the poorest communities in Peru.

We maintain compliance with this commitment by making regular visits to our suppliers.

Our enterprises and artists & their Social Responsibility

Sumaqkay Paracas

Sumaqkay Paracas works to mix tradition and vanguard, combining and respecting artisan inspiration with modern design, to enrich the spirit of their work.

The artisans that work for Sumaqkay Paracas, produce high quality products, combining ancestral techniques and decorative motifs with modern approaches to texture and rich, vibrant colours. These new approaches, give the products a distinctive and unique flair.

Their workshop is located in Paracas, which is a Peruvian natural reserve known for its biodiversity, close to the Inca ruins of Tambo Colorado that date back to the 15th century and it is also on route to the ancient and mysterious Nasca lines.

Surrounded by citrus, grapes and asparagus plantations, Sumaqkay artisans, men and women, alternate their labour in the fields with their creative artistic work in their workshop.

As an organisation, they aim to recover the rich Peruvian artisan tradition and give it a new sense, by providing the artisans with support and training. In this manner they are helped to preserve ancient textile traditions and reinforce their identity.

Jallpa Nina

Jallpa Nina was founded in 1988 by their talented Peruvian artist Marilyn Lizarraga. Her passion for pottery took her to join with a group of craftsmen who came to Lima from different regions of Peru.

The team takes inspiration for its art from Peruvian Inca heritage, the oriental sobriety, the elegance of minimalism, the textures and colours of nature; they combine all these sources to express their creativity in amazing artistic pieces.

In Jallpa Nina, they specialize their work on high temperature stoneware and porcelain. In addition, all of their glazes are developed in-house; they are totally non-toxic and completely safe, and come in a variety of colours and artistic effects, all of which allow to give the pieces a unique, and already well known, finish. Jallpa Nina creates a great assortment of decorative and utilitarian pieces, that have beautiful and exclusive designs, as well as excellent quality. All the pieces are 100% hand made.

Michell Group

Michell Group are pioneers and leaders in the Alpaca industry worldwide. For over 81 years, Michell Group has been proud of sharing their passion to the world, the Alpaca. 

Their commitment starts at the breeding stage in the Peruvian Highlands, where they help to improve the Alpaca fibre quality, to transform this unique noble fibre into classic and innovative yarns that then are knitted or woven into a luxurious line of clothing and accessories for fashion and home. Michell Group are the exclusive producer of the Quina & Cantuta label. 

Their social responsibility is materialized through their Mirasol Civil Association which supports local communities in Peru through the sales of the Mirasol Yarn Collection. The Mirasol Yarn Collection includes yarns made from the animals bred by these communities for generations in the Peruvian highlands. With the sales of the Mirasol Yarn Collection, Michell Group and their customers are supporting the breeders and their families ensuring the continuation of this tradition. A portion of every purchase goes directly to the funding of a centre in the remote area of Munani in the region of Puno, Peru.

Michell Group has also an enormous commitment to support Peruvian artistic expressions through their National Art Contest. In 1980, this interesting social project was created and had as initiative support and develop the Peruvian artist from scarce economic means but very talented.

At the present, this contest has been reformulated as Concurso de Arte de Michell & Cia . It offers a category focused on the Peruvian Textiles in order to contribute to the rescue and evolution of the Peruvian Weaver.

Partnership and Technology for Sustainability (PaTS Peru)

PaTS is an inspiring social enterprise that has demonstrated how the Amazon indigenous people can earn a reasonable living utilizing their forests natural resources in a sustainable manner works effectively.

“We work with PaTS because we believe it is developing a project oriented towards the sustainability of the forest and the economic development of our family and community. We learn about business and we value our artisanal products as a part of our culture”.

Francesco Soto Ballesteros
Yanesha artisan and President of the Wood Artisans' Association of the Palcazu Valley,Peru. 

Lorena Pestana Joyeria Organica

Lorena Pestana is an extremely talented and award winning Peruvian jewellery artist. She has a constant desire to innovate, experimenting with materials and design, without loosing the aim to represent the original traditions from the Amazonian communities which are the source of her inspiration. Her work shows that it is possible to vanguard, to be original, modern and elegant without damaging the principles of a millenary art.



Carlos Runcie Tanaka

Carlos Runcie Tanaka is a recognized Peruvian ceramist performing an experienced and internationally accredited career whose source of inspiration has been based on the history, geography and landscape of the Peruvian coast and in the respect towards authentic materials and traditional craft processes.

His work evokes shapes that interact to each other, creating visual systems that modify, overcome, transform and take possession of the space. Lives and works in Lima, Peru.